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                   The lawyers and staff at The Barrister Group share a commitment to pursuing justice for their clients. We have experience before Provincial Court, The Automobile Injury Appeal Commission, The Court of Queen’s Bench and the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan.  With us, you benefit from our experience in a wide number of areas, ranging from SGI Tort and No Fault appeals, personal injury, real estate, to commercial and estates litigation.

                    Our history began back in 2000  when a group of lawyers in Saskatoon and Regina formed the association KMP Law. In 2010 the Saskatoon members of KMP Law formed a separate association under the name KMP Law North. In 2016 KMP Law North expanded from its 3rd Avenue office to Barrister House.  In 2017 The Barrister Group was re-born to reflect our dedication to advocacy.


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